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Our goal is to create the most deluxe and unique model railroad structure kits from my lifetime experience around the railroads and victorian towns of the past.

I grew up on grandpas ranch, and the Southern Pacific ran thru it. From the earliest age, I wanted to see every train that came thru the ranch. Mom had this hobby of hunting rocks, this took us all over the west to old abandoned mining towns, stamping mills, smelters, mines, and eventually to mexico. During the 1940's and 1950's, it was like an abandoned movie set. Steam engines, mining equipment, all sitting as it was left. I loved the old victorian towns, and found myself taking much architecture in both high school and college. My interest thru college was commercial art and illustration, graphic design, and psychology of design. My working life started out in college teaching that I quickly found, had little state funding. I began wildlife painting, taught myself the art of firearms engraving, Stock making and carving, and in time became known as one of the finest engravers in the world, but like many professions, the clientele eventually died off, and I took up the art of jewelry making, and post 911, found myself building models for customers, and most recently, designing and manufacturing my own hydracal and laser cut kits for the model railroad hobby.


My Dad, A retired Aerospace engineer, spent many years working as a conductor on the westside, out of Oakhurst where he retired. At 90, he is still going strong. He was very influential in my early years for my developing interest in trains and old buildings.



Kits built, Craftman Structures, Painting, Weathering
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