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Kit #3 Hainey and Longboard
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Kit #3 Hainey and Longboard
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A trackside business supplying machinery, equipment, and supplys for both the mining and the lumber industry. Offering trackside access, loading for wagons and trucks, and street frontage. A beautiful, easy build, complex structure that will be the center point of your layout. Currently in the design stage, posting a couple drawings for now.

The front of the building is a complex store front, perhaps one of the most unique one will ever see. These were common for the era, but the 1930's, 40's and 50's saw complete buildings updated and refaced. The back portion of the building is a warehouse and unloading dock next to the railroad tracks, a dock on the side allows both wagon and truck access. An overhead crane unloads/loads equipment, a dock crane unloads flat cars of heavy equipment. This project is currently under development.

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