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Kit #4 Stamping Mill
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Kit #4 Stamping Mill
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A Deluxe Basswood Kit offered in several sub assemblys


The Three Aspens Mill by Lowell Ross-Colorado
Kit Design and Mfg. by Dwain Wright

This structure was build by Lowell Ross, and published in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, and has been shown elsewhere. It was designed after an existing mill in the Colorado mountains, long abandoned, yet complete. The original designer of this beautiful model-Lowell Ross, has given us exclusive permission to manufacture this kit in several scales-O, S, HO. This kit will be offered in several sub assemblys in both a stationary kit and a operational kit. Our job, is to redesign the mill into a buildable kit for those with average building skills, which means to some extent simplifying and and re-drawing original drawings into assembly drawing easily understood, with assembly photographs and step by step procedures.

We are in the process of designing and building the structures to do assembly drawings from for the kit builder, if you have an interest in this kit, please let us know-Dwain and Laifong






Pictures of the finished stamping mill shown, We are currently in the process of working on assembly drawings. email or

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